Mindflo 2

Music Videos for a Restful Mind. Watch this sample of the actual program before you buy.

Length: 70 Minutes

Audio: Stereo

Screen Ratio: 16:9

Mindflo: Calming, Relaxing, Meditative

Mindflo Description

The 12 selections contained on this DVD have been especially created to guide you into a rich natural experience in relaxation. All who view the natural world can feel a sense of enjoyment and peace.

Filmed in High Definition, HD cinematographer Norman Bosworth will take you on a journey of beautifully filmed locations in some of North America’s most picture perfect locations. Enjoy all four seasons along with exquisite details within the light and patterns of the natural world.

Mindflo 2’s moving collection of images will take you into a landscape of rare and artfully filmed moments. Enjoy a meditative calm as these 12 music video selections (70 minutes in all) create a synergistic experience rich in sight, sound and feelings.

Mindflo 2 was filmed in High Definition video. Because of the outstanding quality High Definition offers, this standard definition DVD will reflect the quality inherent in its HD source material. You will really see the detail, vibrant color and clear breathtaking imagery this DVD offers. Mindflo 2 will play in ALL DVD players in ALL regions of the world.


Mindflo 2 only $24.95