Mindflo 4 Download

Music Videos for a Restful Mind. Watch this sample of the actual program before you buy.

Length: 65 Minutes

Audio: Stereo

Screen Ratio: 16:9

Mindflo: Calming, Relaxing, Meditative

Mindflo 4 Download Description

On this download you will experience the same beautiful music and imagery as found on the other High Definition Mindflo programs. You get something extra with Mindflo 4 the Tao. This program includes an inspirational reading of the Tao Te Ching by Frank Frederick. This added experience is designed to lift you to new levels of relaxation, meditation and peacefulness.

Mindflo 4 the Tao is breaking new ground in that it will take you on an unprecedented journey underwater. You will travel into high mountain streams among swirling autumn leaves and bubbling crystal clear waters.

Mindflo 4 the Tao will take you to the edge of the world, or at least you may think so as you view the breathtaking desert vistas in this relaxing download.

The earth designs carved by water, gravity and wind are new in Mindflo 4 the Tao. Along with an advanced collection of innovative filming techniques all focused on giving you a rich meditative experience.


Filmed in High Definition, cinematographer Norman Bosworth will take you on a journey from high desert landscapes to the heights of the Rocky Mountains. Because of the high quality of the HD original footage, you will see a noticeable picture improvement on any devise while viewing Mindflo 4 the Tao.

The whole viewing experience is designed to move you into a calm and peaceful place. As you move into this calming space, expect to feel positive change. The 65 minute play time will allow you the time needed to reach deep within yourself, over and over again. The power of the Tao narrative can help lead you in “returning” to a natural state of harmony. This is the benefit of the Tao.

Mindflo 4 the Tao will play on the iPad, iPhone, and Android phones and tablets. The file will also play on your desktop and laptop computers (Mac and PC). Enjoy this title on the go and with all your devices. This download is approximately 626 MB in size. Please allow time for the download to complete.


Mindflo 4 Download only $14.95