Mindflo 5

Music Videos for a Restful Mind. Watch this sample of the actual program before you buy.

Length: 60 Minutes

Audio: Stereo

Screen Ratio: 16:9

Mindflo 5: Journey to Tierra del Fuego, North America & the Rocky Mountains

Mindflo 5 Description

Tierra del Fuego is a beautiful 150 mile long peninsula off the southern tip of South America, separated from the mainland by the Strait of Magellan. This is a magical place. Impressive mountain peaks, beautiful forests, lakes, rivers, and abundant animal life highlight this large island. Mindflo 5 captures for you the stunning scenery to be found here, literally at the end of the world.

Tierra Del Fuego is vulnerably situated at the point where two of the world’s major oceans meet. The weather is therefore constantly changing. The skies are filled with undulating white clouds by day then turning into a flaming red canopy as evening nears. Relax and let Mindflo 5 carry you to new lands and new levels of a meditative state of mind.

What you are about to see in Mindflo 5 will heighten your sense of awe for the magnificence that is found in the natural world. You will experience a substantially new appreciation for the world we live in and enjoy. Snow capped mountains, glowing vast stretches of golden covered hills and valleys await. You will be moved by deep emerald forests supporting new and exotic forms of plant life. You are about to enjoy the deep colors and remarkable hues this island treasure offers. Mindflo 5 will lift your sense of calm helping you to relax and feel renewed peace and wellbeing.

There are three areas of visual interest included in Mindflo 5; first Tierra del Feugo, second select North American sites and third the Rocky Mountains in winter. This 60 minute program will leave you with a wide and varied journey into our remarkable world.


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