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The Mindflo series of DVD’s have been sold to individuals, dentist offices, hospitals, care facilities, bereavement programs, wholesalers and broadcast television, just to name a few. We invite you to take a look at the quality and feeling found in each Mindflo DVD. From the Product menu (above) view a sample of  the actual video from any of the 5 Mindflo programs. Order with confidence.


If MindFlo illustrates anything, it is that the natural world is poetry, waiting to be captured. Cinematographer Norman Bosworth does this, and does it masterfully, taking the viewer on a journey through stunning images accompanied by music that melds with the setting until it seems like an inherent facet of the world.–Jenny, Los Angeles, CA

I highly recommend this video for those who want to relax after a long day at work and dread coming home and vegging out in front of some inane reality show. It's also good as a background when I have visitors. It is pleasant and doesn't get in the way of conversation. In fact, it sometimes sparks good conversation.–Stressed Out, Cookeville, TN

The DVD contains what I think is some of the most beautiful aerial views I have seen, An true relaxing escape viewing vast landscapes flying around billowing clouds and desert sands. It has wonderful views of changing seasons into winter and takes you from the ocean to inspiring views from mountain peaks. It is a must see especially if you have a HD television.–David, SLC, UT



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