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Mindflo for Stress

Stress causes muscle tension, worry, inability to concentrate, and agitation. Meditation can help counteract these physical and emotional stress responses by inducing the body’s natural relaxation response. Medical science has known for several years that meditation can improve circulation, slow the heart rate, decrease respiration, and lower levels of stress hormones in the blood, all of which can increase the feeling of calm and reduce stress.


Mindflo for Anxiety

Anxiety involves constant worry, often about unimportant situations or problems that have been blown out of proportion. Meditation can help put things back in perspective. By clearing the mind of thought and calming the breathing, meditation helps put you in touch with your inner world and bring problems into focus so that it is easier to distinguish between what is really important and what is, in reality small stuff.


Mindflo for Depression

Meditation can lift you away from irrational thoughts and cognitive distortions. Through meditation, you can observe thoughts as they arise, making yourself more aware of what you are really thinking. One study concluded that mindfulness meditation reduced the likelihood of a relapse in recently depressed patients when compared with those who did not practice meditation.


Mindflo for Sleep Difficulties

Stress and anxiety are the main cause of sleep difficulty. When the mind is filled with worry or wound up after a long day, sleep problems can occur. Meditation helps you to “shut their brains off” and induces the relaxation response, making it easier to fall asleep and improving sleep quality and mental health. Give Mindflo a try. We think you will like the results!